About us

Our Company was established under the title of Shirin Shahd Parsian in 2005 when we started our activity to produce different pastries and chocolates. We have increased the number and varieties of our products to more than 20 different types since then. We have managed to attract the local market and started exporting our products to different countries since 2008. We have an extensive distribution chain in more than 25 provinces of the country. Our products are supplied in two main groups. The first group is the raw materials to produce chocolates and bake cakes and the second group is the final products of pastries and chocolates that are supplied directly to the consumers. At present our products are presented to the market under three brands, namely Karo, Nardina and Karova. We extended production of raw materials in line with chocolate and pastry production industry to production of different shining jellies, cake filings, chocolate drops and fondant cake flours under Karo and Karova brands. At present we are one of the biggest producers of the industry. The new business unit of Shirin Shahd Parsian is going to be inaugurated in this direction. The final products of our company are supplied in form of chocolates and different wafers under Nardina packing. We have managed to obtain different awards and titles from different organizations since when the company was established as follows: 1. Receiving 3 standards from Germany, namely ISO 9001, HACCP and ISO 22000 2. Exemplary business unit of the province in 2009 3. Exemplary business unit of the country in 2012 4. Superior business unit in food industries in 2012

Cake fillings

This product has different types of heat resistant creams and chocolate creams.

Shining jellies

Karova shining jelly is easily used even without adding water

Cake flour

Production of high quality cake flours of sponge cakes, brownies and muffins

Flat Chocolate

CBS Flat Chocolate is shiny and fragile because of containing board oil.